Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure animals are ensured continued care and that rescued, stray and abandoned animals are adopted into safe, caring homes.

Pets need a Triunvirate of safety processess to stay safe for their entire lives:
1. Spay/Neuter to reduce the number of orphaned animals
2. Tags and /or Microchips to return lost pets to their homes
3. The Pet Protection Agreement® to return lost pets to the pet guardian when their owner us unable to care for them.

The Pet Protection Agreement, is a simple legal document that allows you to name a pet guardian to take care of your pets, and gives you the ability to leave funds to care for your pets.

Here is information about this product from animal law attorney Rachel Hirschfeld, who created it:

When you cannot take care of your pet, for any reason, during your life or after your death, or promises made by family or friends may be forgotten or broken as a result of the passage of time or changed circumstances, it is truly important to create a legally enforceable plan to protect your beloved pet. That is what the Pet Protection Agreement® is. By taking just a few moments to answer some questions about your pets and your wishes, you will generate a Pet Protection Agreement® for $39, that could protect your pet from ending up on the street.

The Pet Protection Agreement® is valid in all states. It is a free-standing document. It is not enacted by mention in a Will so the court is not authorized to change your instructions in this Agreement.

With a Pet Protection Agreement®, you get:
A personalized agreement that covers all current and future pets.
Community of Care provisions to preserve your pets’ well-being.
Ability to provide instructions for each pet’s wants and needs.
It should be signed by the pet guardian ahead of time, so they are not surprised when it is time to enact it.

First of all pets can not wait until the Will is probated and all Wills are probated. This is not the case for the Pet Protection Agreement which is valid immediately upon the pet owner’s inability to care for the pets. Take a moment to read this sad but true example: In her WILL, Jane left $10,000 to her sister, Nancy, instructions for the care of her dog, Max. Nancy cried at Jane’s funeral then dropped Max off at the nearest pound on her way to her dream vacation in Paris. Pets are property in the eyes of the law and the property/dog, now belonged to Nancy who could do as she pleased with him. Any provision in a Will asking Nancy to care for the pet with the monies is a request and neither the court nor anyone else has no power to enforce her wishes. Anyway, did you know that instructions in a Will are not valid! The Pet Protection Agreement is valid immediately upon the pet owner’s inablitlity to care for the pet – so no waiting around for court probate. The Pet Protection Agreement® has the express purpose of establishing continued care for pets should the Pet Owner be unable to do so.

The Pet Protection Agreement assures legal protection for your pets continued care.