Promoting Animal Safety and Ensuring Continued Care For Orphaned Pets

All animals can be ensured life in a place of your choice. The central purpose of Soupbone Charities is the ongoing care for all pets. Pets who are abandoned, strays, orphaned or rescued are given Pet Protection Agreements by the animal center from which they were adopted or place from which they were bought.

Over seventy-five percent of the total time is allocated to the rescue and care of orphaned animals. The president of the charity and several volunteers who are reponsible for the rescue and care of the animals are hands on with this. The Charity operates exclusively in the State of New York; however, animals that have been rescued in other areas are also accepted.

Currently, the activities of the organization are funded primarily through personal donations which are acepted on this website.

The rest of the time, approximately twenty-five percent of the total time, is allocated to promoting, fostering and advancing the proper care and treatment of animals in general. We are instrumental in gathering and distributing information to the general public regarding the prevention of cruelty to animals.