It’s All About Securing An Animal’s Continued Safety

The goal of Soupbone Charities is to keep animals like my rescue dog, Soupbone, who remains my inspiration, out of shelters. Soupbone came from a shelter. And the reason that I created the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust was to keep him away from a place that made him unhappy.

Even animals who have never been to a shelter or rescued aren’t happy when they get there. A permanent home is the goal.

Soupbone Charities adopts the unadoptable, the disabled, the orphaned and aged animals.

100% of all donations goes to animal care.

We invite those who want help paying expenses for these animals to donate here.

In addition, you may donate Pet Protection Agreement® pet trusts to shelters, rescues and individuals for uninterrupted care of animals when their owners cannot do so.

You can trust us. We are proud of our transparency.

We’ve been doing this since 1995 for over 4,000 animal centers in the United States and throughout the world.